How and where do I measure for accurate sizing?

Not sure which size to go for? Here’s a quick guide on how to take your own measurements.

You can find out more about the sizes we stock by checking out the tables below. Use the measurements provided to work out which size will be best for you. All you need to do is measure yourself or an item of clothing that fits you perfectly and find your measurements in the relevant table.

Please note that the measurements provided are only a guideline and may vary between products. Make sure you read any extra sizing information provided for the product you are ordering.
When you are measuring a width, place two fingers under the tape measure and hold it fairly tightly. Measure yourself when you are wearing thin clothing or just your underwear.

Collar size: Measure around your neck. Chest/bust: Measure at the fullest part of your chest/bust. Waist: Measure your waist at the narrowest point (more or less in line with your belly button). Hips: Measure around your bottom at the widest point. Arm: Use a jacket that fits you well to take this measurement. Or measure from your shoulder to above your thumb. Waistband: Put on some trousers that fit you well and adjust them. Measure just above the waistband.

Do you have a question? Are you struggling with sizing?

We have provided extra seam allowance in case you want to make any adjustments. You will find further details in our product description. If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on +49 (0)89 358 999 18 0

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