Traditional dress is an expression of emotion and devotion in fabric form. The process of designing and producing traditional dress is fuelled by passion and a deep understanding of the past, customs and conventions.

In our globalised and uniform world, traditional dress is a way of expressing our individuality and identity. It is a visual reflection of the heritage that makes a region unique.

Traditional dress means something different to everyone. Each individual that wears it brings it to life in their own special way. And it is our aim that Gottseidank designs provide the spark of inspiration for us all.

“Conservatism stops us from making change, [whilst ] tradition gives us something to work with.”

Vivienne Isabel Westwood, Fashion Icon

We have to keep one eye on the future and one foot in the past at all times. It is all about maintaining an effective balance between what has been, what is now and what is to come.

Here at Gottseidank, we are not trying to reinvent traditional dress; by working hard to understand its evolution and traditions and incorporating the influence of dynamic personalities, possibilities and perspectives from the modern day, traditional dress becomes a way of allowing knowledge, styles and culture from the past to live on in the clothes on our back.

Our dreams are what drive us.
We resist commercialisation. 
We are inspired by passion.